General Questions

Whosoever has felt pain, agony or grief deserves Reiki. Reiki is omnipresent, healing love energy. Reiki makes you available through a Master, for this energy.

All the world’s sciences divide to realize but Reiki integrates. The process is absolutely simple; through some symbols ( Yantras ) and Mantras a higher level of divine order of healing powers, descends via master to the student or the patient. Being a very subtle spiritual activity the proof is cure, which Reiki inevitably gives.

The positive energy of Reiki is never sensuous but always through yet above senses. Reiki removes negative factors namely jealousy, fear, anger, unhappiness or over desire and fills you up with love and peace. The experience is divine. It dispels darkness, doubts evaporate, trust comes in and life becomes integrated, sharing yet non possessive, which remains the most important cure for today’s world.

No, not at all! In fact all therapies lead to the same destination of human consciousness. Therapies like Massage, Acupressure, Shiatsu, easily get merged in Reiki; therapies like Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Allopathic or even Surgeries could go together with hand in hand. The cure of body and mind is one and to Reiki one’s being is another.


The first thing which struck me after entering the Reiki room is the profoundly soothing peace in the room, obviously vibrating from Swamiji's aura. I am also impressed by the family feeling, sincerity and devotion with which Swamiji imparts Reiki training to all his students. I thank for good fortune of having brought us to devoted Reiki master like Swamiji.

L H. B. Vijaykar

Vijaya Daiya

Reiki is a great experience. The atmosphere here takes you out of the world; you forget everything and are engrossed in just Reiki and you feel really good. Hearing other peoples problem you feel God blessed you, and we must be thankful to him. After coming to Om Reiki Family we realise how beautiful nature is and how close we are to it.
Its a place where all the big Bang Bang , Boom Boom of Kargil war became calm and quite. I am deeply associated with this place now throughout my life, courtesy Nawaj Sharif and of course the great master Swamiji. I have got meaning to my second life.


Shalini Thopte

I really enjoyed learning Reiki from Swamiji. It also helped my family in many ways. People who don?t learn Reiki are missing a lot in life.