'Reiki' is a ‘spiritually guided life force energy’ which flows through a person and creates a sense of peace and love. It’s a holistic healing technique which treats all aliments at physical, mental and spiritual level.

Reiki is learnt through presence of master by the way of ‘attunment’. It allows an endless flow of ‘life force energy’ to the student thus helps in leading a healthy and happy life. Reiki healing can happen in presence of Reiki therapist by simply laying hands on different parts of the body. Reiki healing can also happen in absence or in remote presence. Reiki surgeries are too offered in some cases by experienced masters to heal any particular organ.

Pyramid Crystal

Charged clear quartz pyramid shaped crystals are placed on the body in the presence of the Masters and allowed to remain until the energy transformation takes place. Most of the tensions are released through the crystals and one could replenish the energy of joy.