Om Reiki Family's Vision..

Om Reiki Family’s vision is to have centres in every country of the world, where in there are no boundaries between the poor and the rich, there is no distinction between people of different nationalities, castes, creeds and everyone is considered one. Everyone is just a human being capable of loving unconditionally.

Our vision is to guide people find their inner self, find the purpose of their lives. We want to create a platform where in people find the path towards the inner truth, meditation and Reiki being the medium of healing and opening the blockages to ease this journey.

We want to facilitate the efforts for individual change and thus change the society, make it loving and trusting.

Swamiji desires to initiate projects like school for the blind, orphanages and hospitals to help people on this earth. This very planet is a playground for balanced humanity and is utilizing his unbounded energies and spirit to fulfil this vision.